Recommended Training Products

While I believe a singer will move forward more quickly when working with the right vocal coach, I can also say that I believe about 90% of voice teachers really don’t know what they’re doing. This may sound judgmental or just plain not nice, but to quote a buddy of mine, “there are too many vocal cheerleaders out there.” Vocal Cheerleaders are teachers who praise their students, but rarely if ever do any type of vocal training.

Because of this, I suggest a handful of products/services that I personally guarantee will be good investments in your vocal future. But before I share these with you, I think it’s important to tell you that I’ve spent thousands of dollars and years of my life exploring products and methods to help improve my voice… some that worked and others that were a complete waste of my time and money. That being said, here are a handful of things that work. Enjoy!

  • Join my Facebook Singing Community. Here you’ll find a community of singers asking questions, getting answers, and sharing experiences. You’ll also get updates on all of most recent videos and articles I share all over the internet. Oh, and it’s free :-)
  • Take Private Lessons, but don’t take from anybody! I’d suggest taking from an SLS instructor or from a Brett Manning associate. Not to sound proud, but these techniques are superior to that of most other teachers. Both have many teachers with webcam capabilities available, so location shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Get Brett Manning’s Singing Success program. Brett is a personal mentor of mine and nothing short of a vocal genius. So, if private lessons aren’t for you, you can get this product for less than the price of one month of lessons from a “vocal cheerleader” and you’ll probably gain more than you would working with said vocal cheerleader for years.
  • Continue checking out this blog for more free singing tips. I’m planning on releasing a series of videos entitled free online singing lessons in the near future, so bookmark this blog and check back regularly so that you’ll have easy access to them and the other valuable info that I post for free here.

PS – This blog post is probably one of the most valuable posts that I can share with you.  I received over a decade of training before I stumbled upon anything that was effective in teaching me as the techniques incorporated in the above sources. These techniques literally transformed my voice, helping to awaken in me previously unknown range (5 octaves) and vocal freedom, so know that the above suggestions were not chosen lightly. So, if you’re serious about your voice, at least give one of these two organizations a shot.

Thanks for reading and as always, Happy Singing!