Guy Singing Low
How to Sing Super Low

Hi, I am 19. I sing bass and baritone (Bluegrass gospel and southern gospel). I would love to increase the depth of my ...

Musical Flow
The Three Factors of Flow

Ok, so I had a student earlier this week that was struggling to sing a faster song. So, I set out to devise a little sy ...

Singing on the vowels
Singing on the Vowels

If you’ve ever sang in a choir before, you’ve probably heard your director say something along the lines of, “Sing ...

Singer being told a secret
What Other Voice Teachers Aren’t Telling You

It’s time to set the record straight. It’s time to get past all these myths about singing, and how many hoops you ha ...

Girl Spitting out Consonants while Singing
How to Sing: Spit Out Your Consonants

Greetings Aspiring Singers, If you’ve been following my articles for any period of time, you know that it’s space th ...

Jazz Singer Recording Vocals
Singing Tips for Guys

After looking around online, I haven’t found any articles specifically directed to the genders, and since we are so di ...

Tips for Singing Auditions

Tips for Singing Auditions Hello all! Lately I’ve had a ton of people preparing for singing auditions for various summ ...

Tips for Utilizing the Breath

Vocal Technique - The Dos and Donts of the Breath