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Hi all. My name is Ken Taylor and I am a Vocal Coach in Orlando. Today I’m taking the time to share some singing tips that will help each of you Sing Better Now! Some of these tips are more detailed and some are very basic, but I want to encourage each of you to take notice of each tip as I find that they are often helpful to both beginner and advanced students alike. 

8 Ways to Sing Better Now -

1.  Open your mouth when you’re singing!  Singers who keep their mouths mostly closed are likely tense in the tongue and are far from achieving maximum quality of tone. I like the two finger rule. If you can fit two fingers between your teeth while singing (esp on open vowels like “ah” and “oh”), then you’re good. If not, open your mouth more.

2.  Relax the tongue.  After years of giving voice lessons, I’m convinced that 65% – 85% of all vocal problems involve tension in the tongue. Worst part is most people aren’t even aware of it. Look in a mirror while singing. If the tip of your tongue isn’t dominantly resting on your bottom front teeth then you’ve got problems. Relaxing the tongue more forward in the mouth will help.

3.  Don’t take in too much air.  If you breathe in too much air, then you create pressure under the folds that can easily hinder you ability to sing freely. It can prevent you from singing high notes and it almost always causes tension in your neck. To fix it, become aware of just how little is involved in regular breathing and try to mimic that sensation when singing.

4.  Keep the larynx steady.  If you don’t know what the larynx is, it’s where your adam’s apple is (or where it would be ladies). If this area of your neck is raising or lowering while singing, then you’re throwing off your whole vocal mechanism leading to many different complications. Rest your hand on your larynx while singing and make sure it stays steady.

5.  Open and relax the back of the mouth.  This is equally as important as allowing the front of the mouth to be open, if not more. If the back of the mouth is closed off, then the quality of the sound is shot (and I guarantee you’re tense). To get a feel for it, hold the “ng” sound of hung and feel how closed that is. Now say “ah” like you’re in a doctor’s office… that’s more open. Leaving the back of the mouth open like the “ah” sound can help create a beautiful resonance in the voice.

6.  Sing with ENERGYI can’t express this enough. Singing is a very physical activity. You must be energized and excited about what you’re doing or else it lacks passion (and it’s flat!). Singing with energy helps you hit higher notes and helps keep the sound out of the throat. Allow yourself to get excited before singing… do some jumping jacks or walk around a bit before getting started and realize just how much it helps.

7.  Believe what you’re singing.  I once read a quote that has stuck with me for years. It was something along the lines of, “that which comes closest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” Music is a form of expression. It’s alive and has a great ability to influence listeners. But that’s only true when you believe what you’re singing. Try to connect to the song through some personal life experience and see how alive the music you’re singing becomes.

8.  Get out of your own way.  Singing should feel like speaking. There should be no pressing, tension, straining, reaching, or grabbing when vocally active. These sensations usually happen when we try to force the sound out of us. If you’re not able to sing something, try to bring it back to speech first. You’d be surprised how easy that high “C” can be when you speak it.

It’s important to mention that focusing on all of these tips at once isn’t going to be overly effective because our brains can only process so much at a time. Therefore, I suggest practicing one of these tips for a few days, then move on to another. What we do when we sing is largely based on habit, so be sure to practice consistently.

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Thanks for visiting and happy singing!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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  1. kayla at · Reply

    OMG Thank you I hope these will help. I have middle school tryouts today.

  2. Britney at · Reply

    I hope that these will help me. I am in HighSchool Chorus and hope to go up to Chamber Singers next year, my 10th year!

  3. latisha duffitt at · Reply

    hey, my names latisha duffitt and im 13 years old.
    i was a pretty good singer then i found this and read all of your tips. used each one on a couple different songs, and it helped alot! thanks =]

  4. Laura at · Reply

    Hi people
    My name is laura. I am very happy to have found this site. It offers simple, but important tips for singers. Yes I am a begginer singer, with little experiences, but really want to take my love for singing very far. Today is the day to start doing it.

    • Hi my name is karina and i’m 12 years old i always wanted to become a singer but never was good at it until i found these tips thanks so much you should post more.

      • singerii at ·

        I have another website called AskaVocalCoach.com that gets updated more often if you would like to check that out for some recent posts. I’m glad the articles are helping you! Happy Singing

  5. madi at · Reply

    Thanks so much for these tips. I will be auditioning for a play with “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles and after trying these tips on it, I felt and sounded MUCH better!

  6. **kenzie** at · Reply


  7. As an artist, it is important to know when you are ready to be managed. Singing with grace and power and delivering a song with honesty is only one of several steps in an artist’s progression. Great songwriting, the ability to pick great songs, image, and just plain wherewithal are all important characteristics of a committed pro. Recording a demo is the first step in the right direction. I’m not talking about a record, just an honest impression of your artistry.

    Three to five original songs will do just fine. Remember, very few artists ever get a record deal by cutting a record! It is NOT cost effective and the label is probably going to replace most of the songs once you are signed anyway! In most cases, until you have an ep and are showcasing with your band and have a loyal following, there really isn’t a reason to sign anything with anyone! There is a good chance that you will record several different projects as you progress in your artistry so be ready to spend a little time and money on this. It is well worth it!

  8. Sabrina at · Reply

    I really enjoy singing, especially for the Lord and today I am going to sing for the youth retreat and I just wanted some small tips so I can sing the best I can. Thank you so much for your blog! I believe they are going to work great!

  9. Keyona at · Reply

    Thanx! I’m a freshman and got a main part in our high school musical. Singing isn’t my forte and i’m really nervous about it. I’m sure these will help me a lot.

  10. Shraddha at · Reply

    Finally, some simple and very very helpful tips :) Thanks so much for these……deff a big help!!

    > Response
    Glad to hear it helped! Keep up the good work!

  11. Hey! This really helped in my show. I’m a up coming R&B singer in San Fran. Thanks for the great tips!

    > Response
    You’re very welcome! Glad to hear it helped! Keep it up!

  12. Samantha Coccie at · Reply

    My Name is Samantha Coccie I am 17 years old, and in a couple of months I will be singing in my High school choir and there womans ensemble. When I read these tips there is one thing that really caught my eye and thats relaxing the back of the mouth. When ever I start to sing high I end up getting all tense. When I started trying to relax the back of my mouth it not only sounded better, but I could sing higher. It helped a lot thanks!!!

  13. Anray Amansure at · Reply

    Thanks Ken.

    I do lack in my vocal practice but hopefully this time I’m going to take it more seriously because I know that if I do not practice like I’m supposed to, then I’m not going to get the sound and performance that I would like to have and should have as a singer.

    Thanks again

    > Response
    Absolutely! Practice is important, but only if it’s directed and has a purpose. Practicing old bad habits will only bring about more of the old bad habits. Said somewhat differently, “Practice makes perminant (not perfect)?” So, make sure when practicing that you’re focusing on keeping things right. :-)

  14. Bekah at · Reply

    Wow, this is awesome. My best friend and I are going to audition to sing in our graduation. I sing along to things constantly, but I’ve never tried to sing for an audience. I was amazed by these tips. The high note in our song? The impossible one? I opened my mouth more and relaxed my neck. I can hit it now. =)

  15. Tegan at · Reply

    When you say keep your larnyx steady – I think it is important to mention that if you need to sing a higher note to let it rise up.

    There are some great larnyx excerises that people can easily do. And is great fun to play around with it. As simple as trying to sing happy birthday with a higher pitched voice and feel how your larynx moves up naturally.

    But i’m sure Ken meant all this :)

    • Hey Tegan,

      Actually, that’s not quite how I’d approach things. To me, when the larynx rises (at least to a great extent), it makes it much more difficult to achieve a mix. Now don’t get me wrong, I utilize a hiked larynx for style often… but I’ve found in my own personal singing that keeping the larynx level helps create a more effortless sound that can transition between chest, mix and head voice with ease.

      However, I’m always open to playing with new techniques, so if you want to chat, let me know! Perhaps we can both teach each other something :-)

  16. beanturd at · Reply

    i have a concert in four days time time. I’m not really stressed. Okay, I was… anyway, I write my own songs which makes me even more shy when singing… but the opener mouth idea helped me not only sound better, but get confidence. thanx a bunch!

  17. Marene at · Reply

    How do you know you were meant for the music buseness? I want to become a singer but i don’t know weither or not I belong there. I don’t want to up there on a stage for the glory and fame but because i want to give people that satisfation that music has given me. I want to be like my many idols that temporaliy heal me through their songs. But how do I know 1( that i can sing well 2( I belong in the music industry 3( when to quit? Please help me Ken. Thank you.

    > Reply
    This is a hard question to answer as I do not know you and have no knowledge of your talents and abilities. However, talent and abilities is only a small part of making it in the music business. In order to make it in any endeavor, you have to have a driving purpose (which you seem to have). You have to be willing to learn everything you can and make the sacrifices needed to become who you ultimately want to become. And finally, you have to be willing to give it you all every day, never giving up. If you never give up and you always continue moving forward in the direction of your goal, you cannot fail because you can always learn from your mistakes and short comings and keep trying.

    Now, all that being said, you may not make it as a star. The end result may not be exactly what you think it should be, but I think following a dream (for real, and not only half heartedly) is the only way to achieve any uncommon level of success in life. If you do move forward, be willing to learn everything you can about every aspect of music. Not just singing, but performing, recording, marketing, the business side of things, etc. Eventually you’ll have people to help with this, but in the meantime, it’s all on you.

    Anyway, I feel like I’ve rambled on for a bit (and I could definitely go for longer), but I hope this helped and good luck with all you’re looking to accomplish!

    Best (and of course, Happy Singing),

  18. niño at · Reply

    Hi……… When I was still 6 till 12…. I can sing a high pitch song but now…. I can’t…. I’m 13 years of age and I want that voice of mine will be back. Can you help me??? Please….. because I’m embarrass when people told me to sing in our school (because before… every time we had a activity in our school… I always sing). So please, help me and thank you very much!

    > Response
    Sorry to keep you waiting. Long story short, it sounds like you’re going through your voice change. Consider this…

    What if you woke up one day and your legs were all of a sudden 2 foot longer? You certainly wouldn’t be able to run around like you could before, at least not until you got used to the new length.

    That’s basically what’s happening with your voice. Your cords have grown and it’s going to take a little bit of time to get used to them. Stay patient, and keep moving forward and use your voice as a guide. It’ll get easier as time goes by.

  19. Olivia at · Reply

    thanks!!!! this really helped!!!!! awesome

  20. Suki at · Reply

    I hope that it would help me!I’m havin’ tryout tomorrow in my school! It make me super nerves because our teacher love classic and I don’t sing classic tomorrow. So wish me luck!

    > Response
    Good Luck! :-)

  21. Cali at · Reply

    Hey Ken! Umm, I have a question. My dream in life is to be a country music singer and I was wondering how in the world someome like me with not a lot of money and lives no where near Nashville can become a singer? How do I get discoved?

    > Response
    Well Cali, there’s no direct way for doing it, but I do know that you should have a plan and you should be working towards it constantly. The more you do, the more you’re out performing, the more cool people you meet (networking) and the likely you’ll be seen by someone who can help you take that big step. I know a lot of people focus on building a following and they do it by playing live shows. So, you’ll probably need a band and get good at doing some social marketing online. Make sure everyone knows when and where you’re playing and keep growing your reach. The more you do this, the more of a following you grow your following, the more people like you, the more albums/LPs/merchandise you can sell, and the more proof you have that you could be profitable to a label (if you wanted to sign with a label). There’s alot more that you may want/need to do… no one said this path was easy. But, the biggest piece of advice I can give you is take the first step, put together a general plan, and keep following it, knowing if you need to change something down the road, you can!

    Hope this helps!

    Happy Singing!

  22. rosher bolido at · Reply

    thanks…hope this will work..
    actually i really don’t sing but want to learn..
    hope this will help me…

    > Reply
    No prob!

  23. tori at · Reply

    Thank you soooo much! I have play auditions soon and I was freaking out because my voice sounded strained when I tried to sing a scale. Now my voice sounds natural and relaxed, just like I’m talking but I’m singing. This tips were GREAT!!!

  24. Andy at · Reply

    Great article! I just want to be able to sing some of the songs I’m working on with my acoustic. I lack confidence in my vocals so It’s taken me a while to put some power into my voice but when I do I actually sing in tune! I was really flat when I wasn’t being confident with my voice. I’m getting out of breath now though so I need to work on my breathing technique!



  25. Jeanette Ju-Pierre at · Reply

    I have just been reading your excellent singing tips and I will definitely try them.

    I sing regularly at karaoke venues and I would like to improve my singing ability.

    Many thanks.

    > Reply
    Quite welcome! Hope it all works out for you!

  26. Bella at · Reply

    hey thanks heaps but any tips on singing more loudly and powerfully? :)

    > Reply
    Quite welcome!

  27. shealynn at · Reply

    hi, i am a singer so. im having trouble with getting to higher notes with my voice. i have a low tone of voice an singing voice, i often have to strain to conquer higher notes, it really takes the energy out of me! i am a newby but i want to become famous some day.

  28. Cayley Anne at · Reply

    I tried to keep my tongue down, but I sound weird when I do. Also, this has helped my voice become more stronger and I thank you.

    > Response
    That’s why I do what I do! Thanks for the gratitude and keep moving forward!

  29. Hey Ken. I like your information and no nonsense way of presenting it. I’ve been teaching voice for over twenty years now and always enjoy reading other teachers perspective on things. Feel like talking more about breathing? Curious on your views? Regards, Dan Richard

    • Your question has been answered! Check out my other website at this link to see your answer! http://www.askavocalcoach.com/?p=234
      Once again thanks for your support and I hope this answers your question thoroughly, it was a fairly broad question. Thanks for the question though, hopefully it can help others too.


  30. wow i hope these work!!!

    > Response
    Good luck!

  31. I hope these are going to help me. I have to sing in front of my whole class and I’m only 11 years old and it’s not even for music class. Its for reading. What does singing “home on the range” have to do with reading?!

    > Response
    I’m not quite sure what singing “Home on the Range” has to do with reading, but I’d take it as a complement. The teacher probably just thinks you’re a talented kid!

  32. yes! This is helpful tips! Thank you. so powerful tips and simple!

    > Response
    Glad you found them useful! Happy Singing!

  33. Christen at · Reply

    Hey this is christen and I am doing this idol I really want to win ALOT and I am singing beggin on your knees by victoria justice it gets high and I am kind of a low singer but thanks to you and number 8 I can really get at it THANK YOU SO MUCH ILY!!!! :)

    > Response
    You’re welcome. Keep up the good work!

  34. Karla at · Reply

    Hey, im a very bad singer but since i read this i hope its true cause i have to sing to people in a gym tomarrow and i didnt want to be called a bad singer …but yeah i hope this would help me ….thanxs
    sincerly, Karlamary

    > Response
    You’re quite welcome. Hope you ROCKED IT!!!

    • Kren at · Reply

      Hey, my soun for sing the song is good when i sing outside microphone, but in the microphone, my soun is smaller, especially im very shy when i sing the song. i hope that all point upper will help me to sing better.
      From Moeurn kren

      • singerii at ·

        I’m glad it helped!

        Good luck and Happy Singing!

      • Katie at ·

        just try to use air from your stomach not you lungs you will sound stronger

  35. Hey, so i’ve been singing for 10 years now and for my singing classes i take my level is the third highest (but I’m moving up) And people say I have a reall good voice and I had a lead roll in a play I was in and I had the lead roll but the song i had to sing was really hard note I had to sing and the first night i wasn’t so good, Wasn’t hitting the note, was flat and so the next we had to preform the play (we have to go tour it around places for three days) and when we were on the bus i had my lap top with me so i looked how to be a better singer and this website popped up i did what the website said I WAS AMAZING! For the other day too! But now I have to audtion coming up and I’m going to use the tips I used last time! (Sorry if I spelled that wrong)

    • I’m very glad it helped and I hope your audition goes great!

      Happy Singing!

  36. naxil mj07 at · Reply

    owsum but what if you dont have a good voice???

    • Everyone’s voice is unique, having a good voice or not is an opinion. Even if you sing like Kermit the frog but you have an 6 octave scale, no one can argue that you can’t sing. I hope this answers your question. Happy Singing!

  37. Katie at · Reply

    I have an audition today. I have been searching the internet all day for tips and these are the best. I am really nervous about this audition because my career may depend on it

  38. Ivy at · Reply

    thanks a lot.I will try these steps after this visit.more power!

  39. This is awesome, some great tips that are very helpful. Nice work!

  40. sophie at · Reply

    thanks so so so much!!!!
    i got the part i wanted in my college musical production
    of les mis thanks to your tongue tip!!!!!

    > Response
    That’s Wonderful News!!! Congrats, and break a leg!!!

  41. Tracy at · Reply

    Hello again, do you know any good websites, that has good 1990′s,1960′s,1970′s,1980′s good music and Lyrics?

    • Off the top of my head I don’t, but if I’m looking from a specific time period, I’ll just google it. I think I’ve found some good songs on Billboard.com, and by checking out people’s itunes albums. From there, I’d look up the lyrics separately.

  42. Tracy at · Reply

    an thankyou for that website its sooo great!!!

  43. Chris Alaniz at · Reply

    Hi! I really love singing and I would love to get better, but ever since my voice got deeper, whenever I try to do a high note, my voice cracks! Can you help me please?

    • Hey Chris,

      High notes can be a pain, especially after a voice change. First thing you want to do is make sure you’re not trying to force it… it’ll take a little bit of time for your cords to get used to singing after their “growth spurt.” Then, it’s just about going about it with the right technique. Read this article about How to Sing High Notes and see if it helps.

      • Chris Alaniz at ·

        Ok thank you so much

      • mckayla at ·

        your like the only person who is on this website lol but the tips are great soooooo thanks

      • singerii at ·

        True. Glad you’re enjoying my singing tips :-)

  44. Eily at · Reply

    I used these tips and got the solo in my middle school chorus!!!!!

  45. Kayla at · Reply

    i’ll try cause im not really that good but thanks for the tips i hope i’ll do good:)

  46. Julian at · Reply

    Hi.my name is julian and ive been taking lessons for about 3 years but I honestly dont see any improvement. Do you think its partly the teachers I took from? Being a musician.all my life singing has always been my hardest and I really want to.be able to sing well to play gigs and etc. but I feel my voice is what holds me back. Please contact me and maybe help.me out if you can. Thank you!

  47. Jason at · Reply

    Hi I have problems when I go into falsetto, and when I’m singing in general I can’t relax my larynx and it causes damage, I do not want to end this part of my musical career because of damage causing inability please help

  48. Brenna Gardner at · Reply

    This really helped! To give you an idea of what i sound like, it is like a mixture of Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift. I love to sing but i always sang lighter than the others. i was afraid to sing. but now it is stronger than ever! thanks again!

  49. a-girl at · Reply

    omg…… im having a mid-life crisis (only in singing terms) im in a talent show on friday and my mom spread her sore throat on to me!
    i have the song with high notes (of coarse) and i dont wanna let my friend down! well gotta make the best of this! all i can do is drink lots and lots and LOTS of water and pray! wish me luck

  50. caroline at · Reply

    i have a decent vice i guess but when i try to be louder than a whisper it sounds like im yelling
    what do i do?

    • Edward at · Reply

      Try standing legs spread shoulder with apart, so shoulders directly above feet.
      Keep head forward, and slowly go from quiet to louder and louder.

  51. dorcas jacob at · Reply

    i just love those tips and am sure as i put them in practice and teach my chior group we gonna sing better.am from nigeria in adamawa state.and its a privilage getting involve in this i will definately share a testimony.God bless you sir.pls sir notify me via facebook.

  52. Emma at · Reply

    I am 9. I realy like these tips thanks any more advice? ps i LOVE to sing!

  53. chellay at · Reply

    WOW! youre amazing… i have lots of compositions but i dont know how to sing. does one need know how to sing before one compose? i think my compositions arent bad, they have tunes its just it doesnt sound good when i sing them, pls help :0 i think i need to marry a person like u so that i have a free voice lessons forever,,, hahahahah

  54. ricardo bukel at · Reply

    Hi I from Argentina and try to be a Tango Singer , this its a very difficult style , anyway your tips help me too much, Thanks

  55. Thanks for putting this on the internet. I’m still learning. It helps to get some advice like this to begin with. They told boys to mime at our primary school, so it made things sound ‘good’. Singing with passion is hardest for me now – some time later.

  56. ben at · Reply

    If this is true then why do my recordings of myself sound better when I barely open my mouth except for ah sounds, and my jaw almost doesn’t move AT ALL? My phrasing sounds much less annoying to my ear if I keep my mouth steady and try to keep the same mouth shape for as many vowels as possible, and more, my mouth is hardly open except for an occasional sound.

    Yet when I “open my mouth” I get this annoying sound/phrasing that just grates my ears in how lame it sounds. I get a more commercial sound with a barely moving and barely open mouth. Can one of you wizards please explain this phenominon?

    Much thanks!

  57. matthew at · Reply

    hi thanks for the tips im going to a talent show and im in the final round im singing one direction what makes u buetifull so i hope these tips come in usefull ps theres gona be 250 people there ! :)

  58. matthew at · Reply

    hi thanks for the tips im going to a talent show and im in the final round im singing one direction what makes u buetifull so i hope these tips come in usefull .

  59. Natanael at · Reply

    I really like how you emphasize the importance of singing with energy, I think it’s because people get nervous and are afraid to let loose. Just adding a little bit of energy will help you hit the notes better and keep the audience engaged!!

  60. hetty booth at · Reply

    this helped me soooooooooooooooooooo much with singing

    thank you Ken

    Hetty Booth

  61. Chinasa at · Reply

    These tips will really help. Thanks. I am in my school choir and i need tips.

  62. Brooke at · Reply

    i used to be an awful singer, but then a started practicing and tuning my voice, i also found songs that were right for me, and that helps too.

  63. Jennifer at · Reply


    My name is Jennifer and i am only 10 years old ~ i just turned 10 ~ and ever scenes i was 6 i fell in LOVE with singing. I have always wanted to become a successful singer. And i am pretty AWSOME at singing but i did not want to be awesome when i sing, i wanted to sound awesome when i sing. So after i read these tips, it changed my life!!! i’ve been trying to sound awesome ever sense i was 6!!! but now i finally get to live the dream!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  64. Peter C. at · Reply

    Thank you for your help. I’m a guitarist in my 30′s and beginning singing in the fast two years has been very difficult. I’m not consistent and (*gulp*) afraid to sing my out loudest because I’m embarrassed. I am going to try out your 8 ways pronto!

  65. rubylottie at · Reply

    Thanks for these singing tips XxX they will help a lot in the near future XxXxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxx

  66. Edward at · Reply

    Thanks a ton!! I have a decent voice i think, but I notice I have a load of trouble singing high whilst being not too loud.

    Also question! Does using falsetto technique to compensate for not being able to sing super high pitch actually sound good? And is it considering cheating.

    • singerii at · Reply

      It depends on the style of music. Usually you’d want to transition into head voice to keep the strength of the sound going, but if you wanted it to sound more vulnerable on top, falsetto could be a good choice.

  67. mckayla at · Reply

    thanks for the tips worked sooooooooooooo much

    • singerii at · Reply

      Wonderful! Keep up the good work!

  68. Nice awesome tips. Your tips its useful , my singing problem about in my tounge, sometimes is always stay and not moving ,

    • singerii at · Reply

      I’d say the tongue is the leading cause of tension in most singers. Keep working at it… you’ll get it!

  69. Marissa at · Reply

    Hi Ken…
    You seem like a person to trust so can I ask you something? I’ve been trying to tell my parents I want to be a actress, but also a singer and I’m afraid that my parents won’t let me. Its like my life long dream. Do you have ANY advise how I should tell them? I’m 11 years old, soon 12. But I have still long cues. I’m thinkin of asking them at 16 so i have lots of time to practice my skills in acting and singing. Your tips will certainly help :)

    Please answer soon as posible im getting preety stressed cause I have no idea what to say.

    I know they’re my parents and I should trust them, but im just scared cause I dont know what to say.
    Sorry it was so long. I hope you can answer. Thanks so so much :) :D

    • singerii at · Reply

      Hey Marissa,

      There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do something. If you have a dream, be proud of it and move forward accordingly. Hopefully your parents will support you in your decision. If not, you can keep working towards developing your talents in the meantime. I’ve found that there’s very little that can stop someone that’s willing to put every bit of who they are into what they believe in. It’s those people that make their dreams come true. So keep building your knowledge and abilities and feeding your dream. Once your parents see how committed to this you are, they’ll likely start to back you even if they didn’t initially.

      Best of luck to you!

  70. Tracy at · Reply

    Thank you it worked well

    • singerii at · Reply

      Glad to hear it!

  71. Rhiri at · Reply

    Wow, these are really helpful. I’ve been trying to teach myself to sing for years and thanks to this I was actually able to sing a song right for once. Also I had a question. I was told that singing in another language such as Cantonese or Mandarin can really help exercise the vocals sing those are very vocal languages in themselves. Is that true? (I ask because I sing in Japanese, Latin, and Italian a lot)

    • singerii at · Reply

      I know singing Italian is great because it helps a vocalist with creating pure vowels and such, but I’ve never heard much about Cantonese or Mandarin.

  72. Jessie at · Reply

    Hey ken,
    I’m Jessie nd I’m 12 and I love singing, but I’ve never had the voice. U really helped!
    Thank you!!!!
    Xx Jess

    • Glad I could help, Jess. Keep up the good work!

  73. taytay at · Reply

    hi! These tips are awesome! But my friend and I are singing the national anthem at a school vollyball game in 2 weeks and our voices are so different what should I do?

    • I clearly missed responding to you in time, but I’d suggest doing your own thing. Harmonies can work, or just trading off on the melody line. Two voices do not have to be the same in order to sound good… actually, it can be better to have a variety.

  74. Dina at · Reply

    thnx so much for your tips im more vibrant and ready to start singing again

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